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Why Us?

We keep growing and want you to do the same.

JCCA began with the radical idea that you can actually have a personal relationship with your accounting team and that we can do much more than just help with the taxes. We here at JCCA believe accounting should be about working with our clients not just for them.

We offer you a team of professionals who are dedicated to growth for the firm as well as for our clients.  Even more importantly every team member is encouraged to grow both professionally and personally.  "If you feel led, make it happen" is often heard around the office.  It is this freedom that leads to employees who take ownership of the client relationship and find new and better ways to help our most valuable asset, our clients.

It is this client first approach that has seen the firm grow since it's formation in 2003. We have offices in Invercargill and Queenstown and work with clients from all around New Zealand as well as overseas.  We know what it takes to grow a successful business and would love to help you find similar success.

Find out more about our team below, contact us or drop in to see how we can work together.

XingDong Yan
Mobile: +64 21 020 12076

Email: xingdong@jcca.co.nz

Skype: yan.xingdong

XingDong Yan

Director - B.Com, B.Sc, C.A.

XingDong focuses on working with the team to grow the firm as a leading cloud practice of the future.

When not brainstorming ideas he works closely with our existing clients, technical accounting team and administration team to make sure everyone stays on track.

XingDong leads our Innovation 2.0 initiative and is bursting at the seams to develop the fantastic opportunities presenting themselves.

Judith Cambridge
Mobile: +64 27 453 5531

Email: judith@jcca.co.nz

Skype: judithcambridge

Judith Cambridge

Executive Director - B.Com C.A.

The founder of JCCA, Judith started the firm in 2003 with a commitment to do things differently. Today the company has offices in Southern New Zealand, Invercargill and Queenstown and leads the way using web based business services.

Judith says “I am proud to be co-leading a team of professionals focused on building great business with our clients. We are hugely committed to finding ways to get the NZ economy pumping faster with our focus on company growth and exploring export opportunities".

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