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It's online. It's easy. Operate your business in the cloud!

We were one of the first accounting firms in New Zealand to get onto Xero.  And we haven't looked back.  We know the future of accounting is more than just providing returns.  We believe we can become a trusted advisor and help you to run your business much more smoothly.  Check out the products below and let us know how we can help your business.


The world's easiest accounting software

Xero is the foundation upon which all our cloud based work rests.  Xero is simple to use, available anywhere and always on.  It allows you to be more productive and spend less time working on your books by virtue of being internet based.  Many people find they get addicted to checking their Xero account.  It becomes one of their go to sites when surfing the internet.

When we saw the power of Xero it was clear that this was the future of accounting. All our staff became Xero certified advisors and after signing up a significant number of clients we received Gold Partner status, which we are very proud of.  Onto Platinum!


Online job, time and invoice management software

Workflowmax is a great tool to manage time for business that bill time such as accountants, lawyers and graphic designers.  Invoices get pushed directly into Xero making invoicing your clients a much simpler and quicker task.


Employee time management

Flexitime is an extremely easy to use solution for managing your employee time. Employee time is one of the biggest factors of any business. Flexitime saves you time and assists in making your payroll more accurate.with  your payroll is more accurate than many other methods.


Online inventory management software

Unleashed software is a great tool to help you manage your stock.  It is great for businesses that that need a more grunty inventory management system  And when Unleashed integrates with Vend they will be a powerful combination that will allow you to have online, linked accounting software, point of sale and stock management.  This will be a doozy of a time saver!


Point of sale for clever stores

Vend is a very slick online point of sale solution that can not only be operated from a traditional register but also on the go from an iPhone, iPad or almost any other device.  It allows you to work both online and offline and since it is a web based POS it is easy as to add new locations and registers.

Microsoft Office 365

The products you know available anywhere and anytime

Harness the power of Microsoft software in an online cloud version.  It gives you all the power without tying you to the software on your computer.  A revolutionary step in collaboration and a brand new way of working for businesses.

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